Medical checkup (initial/renewal/revalidation)

During the consultation for your medical license, the doctor will go through your medical history and ask questions concerning your medical situation (physical and mental health). Furthermore, an extensive medical examination will take place. Supplementary technical examinations (blood sample, urine check, hearth exam …) might be necessary. The frequency and depth of the medical, depends on the EASA class of the license, your age and type of exam (initial, renewal, revalidation). Sometimes, the doctor will ask you to consult a specialist (cardiologist, ophthalmologist …) in addition to the aeromedical examination.

Further down this page you can find a table with necessary tests, depending on the type of license and age (N.B. all additional tests can be demanded by the doctor when required.):

What do you bring?

  • Your current medical license (does not apply for an initial exam
  • Your pilot license (does not apply for an initial exam)
  • Your (valid) ID-card
  • If applicable: your glasses, reserve glasses and recent prescription (<2 years old)
  • If applicable: past medical reports and medical history
  • If applicable: your prescription and non-prescription medication
  • If applicable: an ophthalmology report, filled out by your ophthalmologist

Technical examinations

Initial Revalidation
Hemoglobin Yes Yes
Blood lipids
Yes At first medical after 40 years
Urine test
Yes Yes
Spirometry Yes On indication
  • <30 years: every 5 years
  • ≥30 years: every 2 years
  • ≥40 years: every year
  • From 50 years: at every renewal or revalidation
Specialist cardiology On indication At the first medical after 65 years and every 4 years thereafter
Audiogram Yes
  • <40 years: every 5 years
  • >40 years: every 2 years
Tympanometry or equivalent
Yes On indication
ENT exam
Yes Yes
Eye exam
Ophthalmologist + color vision + prescription for glasses if applicable Ophthalmologist OR routine eye exam + color vision + prescription for glasses if applicable