Here you will get a financial overview in a clear and transparent way. This, concerning the different medical examinations and types of licenses. This only concerns the examinations performed by Dr. Kremer. Sometimes, it might be necessary to have additional consultations with other specialists (e.g. ophthalmologist, cardiologist …). Obviously, these costs have to be discussed with the specialist in question. Feel free to contact us when you are not sure whether an additional consultation with another specialist is required.

Initial license or renewal
(rates incl. necessary technical examinations, excl. possible laboratory costs)

EASA Class 1 - only renewal See revalidation
EASA Class 2 200€
Class 4 NAT 200€
EASA Cabin Crew 200€

(rates only medical exam, excl. possible technical examinations, excl. possible laboratory costs)

EASA Class 1 200€
EASA Class 2 160€
Class 4 Nat 160€
EASA Cabin Crew 160€

Technical examinations
(if applicable)

ECG 30€
Spirometry 30€
Audiometry 30€
bloodsample - lipids 22,25€


Having to keep the file open due to one or more additional tests to be carried out by external specialists. Normally this is not necessary. When everything goes well, you get the medical certificate the same day, that's the goal! 50€

Small business subject to VAT exemption scheme - VAT not applicable