Travel safe as a passenger

For most people, flying does not pose any risks. However, if you are aware of a medical problem, it may be helpful to seek advice from a physician experienced in aviation medicine.

A medical assessment is also necessary and will be requested by the company you are traveling with, in one of the following cases:

  • You are ill and may be contagious to others
  • There may arise danger or inconvenience to your fellow passengers due to your medical (physical or mental) condition
  • When there is a risk to the safety or punctuality of the flight. This also includes the risks of flight diversion or an unplanned landing
  • When you can't take care of yourself or when you need assistance
  • When your medical condition may deteriorate because of the flight

This medical assessment will always be regarded by the company you travel with, as a necessary advice. The final decision as to whether you are allowed to fly always remains with the airline itself.

You can consult Dr. Kremer for advice and the necessary documents as provided by IATA ('International Air Transport Association') on which most airlines rely.