If you wish to make an appointment for an aeromedical examination, a Fit-To-Fly advice or a consultation regarding your medical license, please contact Dr. Kremer via +32 489 85 55 86. In this way, we can make an estimate of the urgency and extensiveness of your file. As such, a correct planning can be made with sufficient time for the consultation. It is possible that Dr. kremer will already ask some medical questions at that time to make an estimate of the needed time and to give you direction in which documents you need to provide during the consultation to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

It might be possible that one of the doctors from Quarebbe practice or our secretary might ask for you contact detail. As such, Dr. Kremer will be able to contact you back as soon as possible, to discuss the above with you and schedule an appointment.

Also, you can always send us a message with your contact details through our contact form. Medical questions, however, will never be answered my email (GDPR legislation). For urgent medical problems, contact you general practitioner or in emergency situations, contact the emergency services on the phone number 112.